How Fast is a Fast Internet?


The Internet is a worldwide network providing an assortment of information and communication services with interconnected networks. We can access to an extraordinary amount of information with a swipe of the mouse and a few clicks on the keyboard. Nevertheless, if you have the slow-speed Internet connection, then waiting for the video to buffer, a file to download, or a web page to load can become “The Order of the Day”.
Fast-speed Internet usually means fast downloading speed. In this way, we download media and stream content at the fast speed. Speedy internet connection does influence the excellence of experience you will have with everything from web browsing to e-mailing, to video conferencing and online gaming. The units for internet speed are Kbps, Mbps, and Gbps. It is important to check for the fast speeds before you invest in any internet services.
Common internet connections include Dial-up, DSL, Satellite internet, Cable internet, and Fiber-optic internet. The all have different speeds.

dsl-cable-1247470_640Dial-up and Satellite internets are considered slow. They are out of use in urban areas these days but are still in use in some businesses and rural homes. Their speed is too slow that to download a file can take up to hours. The dial-up speed is more or less 56 kilobits/sec (Kbps).

On the other side, the Satellite Internet speed is nearly 500 kbps, manifolds higher than dial-up, but still slow than many a internet connection.

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line is another Internet service that provides high-speed internet. Its speed ranges between 128 kbps to 9 megabits/sec (Mbps).

Cable internet speeds up to 30 Mbps and considered fast. However, the speed is not consistent always and drops during the peak Internet usage hours.

The fiber-optic internet is known to be a super-fast internet connection. Although Cable internet and DSL are both regarded as broadband Internet Connections, but their fast speeds are significantly replaced by the fastest fiber-optic Internet. It provides speeds of approximately 500 Mbps. It provides the fastest Internet immediately because the fiber is directly brought to the workplace/home. Such speedy connection can support multiple devices concurrently and make the fastest uploads and downloads possible.

You can test the internet speed with the help of an authentic Speed Test Website. Choose a website, which is reliable enough, spend some moments taking the test, last but not least, get precise results immediately. You can either upgrade your internet connection if the speed is inadequate to sustain the Internet usage by you or switch to the most steadfast service provider who provides you with the fastest speed internet experience.